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Delegation Is Critical

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  ~ June 2020 ~

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It is all so easy to get wrapped up in the need and high demand to cover all aspects of a company. Once we have a solid company, we need the confidence to fully embrace the larger market that clearly needs this same service or product. Often, we do not realize how important it is to have an effective team to delegate tasks in a company.

Focus on what you are good at


As business leaders, we often think we are good at every aspect of a company, that is not the case. One person cannot do it alone. Focus on growing your business by having a delegation process. Without delegation, your company’s success is limited.

1. Focus on the areas you are most durable and productive. Stop the cycle of feeling bogged down and frustrated.
2. Delegate tasks to those you trust and that are capable.
3. Set expectations.
4. ​Create a measure of accountability.
A thoughtful cash management strategy is critical as your company becomes 

Save Time

Time is a valuable resource that you cannot get back. Time profoundly affects your company’s success. Take more action and make more decisions by delegating.

1. Effective delegation allows you to focus on the core of the business and tasks you have the skill set to complete, therefore, saving you time.
2. Time is money! Invest in a good team that will complete tasks efficiently and in a timely matter.
3. Investing in a delegation process is not only an investment in your team but also your company's longevity.

Confidence can go a long way!


As each company grows, the type of confidence needed for success changes. You alone cannot carry the company on your shoulders. Let your team play an active role in your company’s success.

1. By delegating, you give your team more confidence.
2. Your team will begin to feel more valuable and allows them to show their capabilities.
3. Delegating helps the team be more engaged, allowing the team to be more invested in the company.

One Team
Delegating helps to lighten your workload and empowers the team to look forward to reaching goals. Encourage collective success. Allow the achievements to be shared by the team and not as an individual.

1. The team will look forward to achieving and crushing goals.
2. Collective success helps to promote staff camaraderie.
3. Building an effective team is a recipe for a successful business.

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