Are you stuck in the marketing of your business to the point where you can’t figure out how to allocate more funds to growing your client base?

Do you hope to figure out where all of your money in your marketing is going but it just feels like an unsolvable riddle?

If you can’t calculate your cost per lead, how can you really know what type of marketing is really being efficient now for your business?

You know that your bookkeeper and your accountant are not really there for your business growth, they are just doing the best they can to put expenses where they assume they are supposed to go. Your bookkeeper is your day-to-day resource and your CPA is your expensive year-end resource for your taxes.

What if we could really look at the real costs involved in your marketing, figure out what is actually leading to clients and profit and what is being wasted?

Growth and a larger client base is not just marketing and advertising, it is also planning and budgeting, so you can spend really effectively!

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