Are you frustrated that your profits aren’t what you’ve been expecting for so long?

Are you frustrated that your books are a mess and you just can’t figure out what’s going on?

Would you like your company’s profits to meet or exceed the expectations you’ve had for so long?

So, you’re at a point where you know there’s some sort of problem, but you just can’t figure it out, and you know, also, that you’re not getting a clear picture, even though you perhaps have a bookkeeper and even a CPA.

It just looks like a mess. That’s all that is clear to you, is that it’s a mess and you don’t have a resource to help you out.

What if we could match and reorganize all of your transactions so that when you get your reports, not only the reports make sense, but you have somebody there to help you explain what’s going on with your company, and also what opportunities you have available to you?

There can be leaks of profits in your company, there can be profit opportunities, and there could also be parts of your company that, especially if it’s been going for a long time, and if it’s complex, that you’re simply losing money because you’re not getting the understanding of your different profit centers.

So, let's have a conversation about your books.

I will help you take them from a random mess to a clear picture of where your company is going, and look to the future for the profits that you should be making.

Merager Financial Solutions is the missing piece between your bookkeeper doing your day-to-day work and your CPA, who’s going to do your year-end taxes.

So contact us, and let’s get a good sense of where your books are and the story that your books are telling.