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Recessions Create Opportunities

Can this recession help your company?

  ~ July 2020 ~

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During unusual times such as these, it’s important to ask questions about your company so that you can make changes to survive and even thrive. Done well, many companies can change their products or services, so they satisfy the new needs of their existing customers or attract new customers. Better still, a company can create goodwill that creates a sales funnel when the economy improves.

1. What are your company’s strengths during normal times, and do they translate well now?
2. What products or services are especially needed during challenging economic times?
A thoughtful cash management strategy is critical as your company becomes 

1. Does your company experience the same headwinds during economic downturns?.
2. Is the pricing correct?


1. What are people looking for that your company can uniquely provide?
2. Are there strategic alliances that we can create to strengthen sales?

1. Would large marketing spend for name recognition propel the business forward?
2. Would a daily, free Tip of the Day create traction?
3. Is there a pivot, or change in focus, that would build a larger audience?

Overall Takeaway 

Create a fresh understanding of how new needs can be satisfied. Lessen fears, create comfort, make life easier, and create new wisdom for your customers.

Make more money and enjoy working on your business. Stop spinning your wheels doing financial work that you dislike. Let’s talk so you can reach your financial goals of growth and additional revenue.

We look forward to working with you, whether that’s a formal engagement or just a quick chat to solve one of your pressing issues.

​If you need assistance with anything we’ve discussed here, let’s talk so you can reach your financial goals, growth, and revenue. Spend your time doing what you do best and make more money by having us solve your most pressing financial issues.

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