Simplicity Translates To Profits

So I’ve got a great quote for you

“Complexity is impressive, but simplicity is genius”.

That was said by Lance Wallnau. Fantastic observation.

We can have such complex systems that we stop understanding how they work and this can be especially true for a lot of us that are entrepreneurs that own businesses. There is a vast number of applications out there that do all kinds of things and they are so tempting to just, let’s go out and get this app, this app for this. All these things and all of a sudden we have a system that is so fragile that if one of the main people dies that knows how all this works, or you know they’re out of the picture somehow, let’s maybe not go that bleak, but if something were to happen business continuity, and I’ve seen this so many times that nobody else in the company knows how to find the things that they need to. It’s not a system that is meshed together. It’s not obvious. Not using the same data and of course the data is the key to everything we do now, right?

If we don’t have synced up data, then you know maybe our marketing is doing one thing. Sales are doing another.

We have a price that a client expects and now we can’t give that to them because our systems are marketing and our accounting systems aren’t together. Maybe we don’t have our contracts married up to the accounting system and to the marketing system so that everybody has access to that.

So one of the takeaways clearly to me and I think to most small business owners is to make your system as simple as possible. Try to integrate as much as possible. There are systems such as that, they allow databases to speak together to some degree, but one of the problems that we have with our businesses is we can get so bound up in the administration. It takes so much time doing all the little busy work. If we have systems that are disparate, are not connected to each other we might run the very real risk of not only wasting our time but possibly blowing up a deal. Having a bad client relationship.

You know imagine if a salesperson says that the first month is free. The accounting system doesn’t know that. They’re billed. Is there any number of instances where one of the worst things we can do I think is double bill a client and then not know when they call us and say, “what’s going on here, I’ve already paid this” or “I’ve already received a bill and you’re billing me again,” your company immediately loses credibility. It’s a brutal thing to do to one’s own company.

So, there’s a lot of ways to integrate systems. One of the systems that I use is QuickBooks Online. They have a lot of third-party apps. I don’t have any financial interest in people using QuickBooks although I can provide a discount, which is really helpful for a lot of businesses, but whichever system you go with, for your accounting, your marketing, your CRM, all the things that you’re using, just have something that’s integrated so that you integrate it once and you know it’s going to be fed out to all of your systems and yeah, so that’s sort of the takeaway. Simplicity, if it’s not easy to understand. If you can’t pull up reports easily on the fly, so you know where your company is, it’s a big risk. It’s a place of risk and I think each of us needs to know where our business is at any time.

So, if you need help with any of this. If you need to use something like QuickBooks. You’d like a discount. You’d like to talk about your business, about where your business is and some of the hopes and dreams, some of the plans you’d like to make real, give us a call. We’d love to talk with you. Give you half an hour, 45 minutes, however long it takes to have a good discussion so that you have a good place to go. Even if it’s not us. We want our clients to be happy, long-term relationships where everybody is pleased with what’s going on, that’s what we look for.

So, I’m Steve from Merager Financial Solutions and we absolutely look forward to talking with you and we find the truth within your books. We’d love to help you with that.

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