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  ~ March 2019 ~

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I’ve seen so many businesses that are on the brink of greatness and only need the company leader to see that greatness. Staying small is a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy. 

When should your company break free? Here are several indicators that your company is well positioned for expansion:

1. You have clients waiting for your company’s services.
2. You have a complex business model that would be difficult to replicate.
3. Your clients trust you, so you have many long-term business relationships with them.
4. Your product or service is appreciated by clients.
5. You expect your marketplace to change soon and provide a unique opportunity.
6. You have solid business practices that are strictly followed.
​7. You have responsive customer service.
8. MOST IMPORTANT: You have a complete understanding of your company’s financial resources (both quantity and quality).

If you see your company in any of those indicators, you are in elite company. You’ve provided a desirable product and have been a reliable business resource for your clients. They like having your company around!  

TAKEAWAY: Further success is only possible if you hire other experts to take on the increasingly complex aspects of your company. Having a financial strategy is absolutely essential, and we are here to help you make that happen. We can create this for you right now!

Tips for Success

Tip #1

Every business owner should always know which products or services are making the highest NET profit. To know true profitability, every relevant aspect of the business should be integrated into product profitability. This includes machinery, marketing, staffing and the materials themselves.

Tip #2

Your financial reports are your most valuable asset as you grow your business. Knowing where you’ve been is the secret sauce to understanding where you can go. Having a budget and cash projection are the keys to discovering where you can go.

Tip #3

Will you ever need a business loan, seek investors or want to sell your business? If so, having at least three years of reliable financials that match the story that you’re telling these financial professionals is a requirement. The deal will stall, or not go anywhere if these aren’t in place. Hint: They will ask for your tax returns and financials for those years, and they should match.

Delegation is critical

As each company grows, the type of confidence needed for success changes.  The confidence that serves the beginning company is much like an explorer, where the search is one of matching the company with clients that need that specific product or service.  Once we have a solid company, we need the confidence to fully embrace the larger market that clearly needs this same service or product, but we must shed the thought that we can do everything in a complex organization.

TAKEAWAY:  We can manage the financial side of your business while you create growth and make even greater profits for yourself.

If you need assistance with anything we’ve discussed here, let’s talk so you can reach your financial goals, growth, and revenue. Spend your time doing what you do best and make more money by having us solve your most pressing financial issues.

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